Chief Executive Officer

Lily Yayang

Lily has been operating successfully in the packaging industry from 2003. She has been designing and delivering top-notch quality products in Europe and South East Asia.

A leader in the field of packaging solutions, Lily has been providing her products and services for the most diverse industries, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical, personal care, healthcare, household, chemical and cleaning products.

She’s operating as CEO and Founder of The eLCastle Indonesia since 2011.

Colors & Special Effects

The research of Colors and special effects is also provided by TLC.


The prototype phase is extremely important in the process of achieving an optimal end result for a project.


Customers may also decide to coordinate their plastic bottles with a vast offering of fully compatible accessories created by TLC which can be completely personalized and decorated.


Every packaging produced is monitored until delivery to the customer.


A team of TLC designers creates, develops, and proposes new ideas and concepts for packaging solutions.

Validation & Quality Control

Every new product is subject to specific tests in order to analyze and verify performance, level of functionality, and dimensions before being considered ‘validated’ and given final approval.

The eLCastle Indonesia Office

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